When Joseph Johnson moved to Dover in 2012, he felt as if things were a bit slow compared to his previous home in New York City.

When Joseph Johnson moved to Dover in 2012, he felt as if things were a bit slow compared to his previous home in New York City.

But he’s since discovered that Delaware’s capital city makes a good home for his passion: filming movies.

When Johnson moved south from the Big Apple, he brought his production company, September Tenth Films, with him.

With two films to the company’s credit already, Johnson is now hard a work shooting a third here in Dover.

Written, directed and produced by Johnson, “Be Careful What You Pray For” will be a story of love, deception and second chances.

“The movie is about a young woman who prays for the right man,” Johnson explained. “She thinks she has him, but he turns out to be not who she thought he was. It’s about a woman who loses love and then opens herself up to love again.”

Filming began in late May and is expected to be complete by mid-July. The movie will debut at the Schwartz Center for the Arts on Saturday, Sept. 20 and Johnson is planning to enter the finished work at several film festivals.

In addition to shooting many of the scenes in and around Dover, the film also will feature a number of local actors, including Dover resident Rodney Davis, who has been cast as the male lead.

“This really puts Dover on the map,” Davis said. “I know this is the First State, but these kinds of things don’t usually happen in Dover … I think Dover needs this. It gives Dover more publicity to let people know that there are arts happening all around.”

September Tenth Films filmed a scene at Kelly’s Corner Consignment & Collectibles on Governors Avenue. Shop owner Laura Kelly even got to play a small role in the scene.

Kelly said she is hoping her cameo will be good for business.

“I’ve had people that have driven by and not know that we’re here,” she said. “I’m hoping that people will see it and kind of pique their interest when they get to view the inside of the store.”

The Dover Police Department is also set to have a role in helping out with the film. One of the scenes in the movie involves a chase and the department has agreed to help with traffic control, Johnson said.

“We are going to use a lot of the back streets where there is very little traffic, but we’ll bring out our own cars to fill in,” he said.

Johnson said hopes his current project will just be just the first many movies made in Dover.

September Tenth Films hopes to make two films a year, said Warren Rhodes, the co-director of “Be Careful What You Pray For.”

“The goal is to be working on a movie constantly,’ he said. “While we are filming this, we are laying out scenes for out next movie that we will start filming immediately after we complete filming here. We’d like to think that we’ll bring filming for feature films to the Dover area.”