Wild Child vocalists Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins took a few minutes to talk about their sound, playing large events and advice for surviving and thriving at festivals.

Saturday afternoon the Austin, Texas-based indie folk band Wild Child brought its unique sound to Firefly’s Forest Stage. Just beforehand, lead vocalist and ukulele player Alexander Beggins and vocalist/violinist Kelsey Wilson talked about their music, playing large events and advice for thriving and surviving at festivals.

Q First, can you sum up your sound for our readers?

Wilson It’s rowdy indie pop music, indie folk

Beggins with a twist

Q So, what do you like about playing festivals like Firefly?

Beggins: People at festivals are determined to have a good time, that’s what they’re here for so it’s pretty easy to play because it’s such a give and take kind of vibe. Festivals are always fund because you know it’s going to be good.

Q OK. Do you like playing at a large festival like Firefly?

Wilson I think it’s better. I like that all of the stages are hidden by these giant trees. Normally there’s always sound bleeding from stage to stage and you can always see other people playing while you’re playing, which is really nerve wracking, but here you feel like everyone has their own like stadium. It feels like their own little forest pocket.

Q What are you excited about for your performance?

Beggins An overcast day, it feels good today. We’re ready to go.

Q Are you looking forward to seeing anyone in particular while you’re here at Firefly?

Wilson Outkast

Beggins Outkast, no doubt, Jack Johnson as well.

Q When it comes to surviving festivals, do you have any advice for fans?

Beggins Drink water. Drink a lot of water.

Wilson Sunscreen. Maybe roll around with your own roll of toilet paper, ‘cause you never know. Befriend someone who drives a golf cart early on.

Q Are there any challenges to playing a festival like this?

Beggins For where we are in our career, there are so many good bands playing, sometimes it’s kind of hard to get a good slot. And, it can be harder to draw a crowd with so much going on.

Wilson We’re pretty crazy people, though, so it’s fun to watch and it’s fun to play. We like to get pretty weird.

Q So, what’s the best part of being in the music business?

Wilson We get to meet a lot of cool people, a lot of cool musicians and a lot of cool fans. You come through the cities so often that you have like little family friend pockets in every city so it’s really cool.

Beggins Every day is a new adventure. It’s fun.