Council members of the Dover/Kent Metropolitan Planning Organization put off a vote on a draft Fiscal Year 2015-2018 Transportation Improvement Plan during a June 18 special meeting, saying they did not have enough information to make a decision.

The council had met May 28 in a special session where the main topic of discussion was DelDOT’s 2013 decision to delay a Del. Route 1 interchange from FY 2014 to FY 2017. A proposed regional sports complex planned for the area, south of Frederica, would be served by the interchange.

Proponents of the sports complex have said the project, which was to be built concurrently with the interchange, is in danger of losing its funding because of the delay.

In prior meetings, DelDOT representative Drew Boyce said the interchange, which had been a high priority project, was reprioritized through a computer program that ranked several factors, including safety, congestion, environmental impact and revenue generation.

The result was that the Frederica interchange dropped from being one of the department’s top 10 priorities to No. 98. The decision reflected DelDOT Secretary Shailen Bhatt’s desire to remove politics and the human factor from the decision process on how to spend scarce agency funds, Boyce said.

At the May 28 special meeting, Boyce agreed to take a hypothetical look at how funding would be affected if other projects were to be delayed.

That, however, did not happen, said MPO spokeswoman Kate Layton.

Boyce said the department had started running statistics but was interrupted due to the upheaval in New Castle County with Interstate 495. With no data to compare, and DelDOT waiting to hear how its budget will fare after the state’s FY 2015 budget passes, the council decided to wait until the regularly scheduled July 9 meeting and see what action it could take at that time, Layton said.

The July 9 meeting will be held at 3 p.m. at the Town Hall in Camden.