Dover Police have arrested Trevor Jenkins, 24, after a three-hour standoff in Kent Acres.

A man wanted to answer for a number of alleged crimes has been arrested after a standoff in Dover.

Trevor Jenkins, 24, was taken into custody after approximately three hours, said Dover Police Department spokesman Cpl. Mark Hoffman.

Dover Police, along with the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force, learned Jenkins was at a home on Edgewood Road, in the Kent Acres development Thursday morning, and went to the scene at about 10:30 a.m., Hoffman said.

Homes adjacent to that where Jenkins was hiding were evacuated for precautionary reasons.

“There were some real safety concerns involving weapons,” Hoffman said. “He’d had previous firearms and drug charges and some violent offenses.”

Jenkins was wanted by Dover Police for resisting arrest and by Kent County Superior Court for failure to appear for the verdict in a trial on April 24.

That case stemmed from weapons/firearms charges from a 2013 case handled by the Dover Police Department, Hoffman said.

Officers arrived at the home to find Jenkins had hidden himself in the attic and was refusing orders to surrender. After several hours of unsuccessful attempts to persuade him to surrender, officers fired tear gas into the home.

“The risk was there, which is the reason we evacuated the nearby homes and why we used the gas,” Hoffman said. “We needed to minimize the risk to our officers and to the public.”

A short time after firing the tear gas into the home officers went inside to find Jenkins already on his way out. He was taken into custody without a struggle, Hoffman said.

Jenkins is now in custody of the Dover Police Department and is awaiting new charges from this incident along with the Superior Court capias and previous resisting arrest charge.

William David, Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal for Delaware, said the Marshal’s Service had added Jenkins to their fugitives list at the request of the Dover PD.

Their investigation came up with the Kent Acres address as a possible hiding place for Jenkins, he said.

About four Marshal’s Service employees accompanied Dover officers to the site, along with two local officers deputized to work with the service, he said.

“As they approached the address, they either saw him trying to flee out the back or the side,” Davis said.

Dover officers took over the tactical situation once they realized Jenkins actually was in the house, he added.

Delaware State Police troopers assisted with the operation, Hoffman said, with DSP spokesman Master Cpl. Gary Fournier adding his division had made a drug arrest after Jenkins was taken into custody.

Bond information was not available, he added.