Chief of Police Paul M. Bernat issues statement in support of Deputy Chief Marvin Mailey.

In a statement released May 16, Dover Chief of Police Paul M. Bernat said of the controversy surrounding the appointment of Lt. Marvin Mailey as deputy chief of police, that Mailey is both highly qualified for the position and enjoys the support of the department’s senior staff.

That includes the five officers who filed grievance complaints following Mailey’s appointment, Bernat said.

“While the circumstances surrounding his promotion did not necessarily fit within the past practice and police of the Dover Police department, I have zero doubt that Mailey will serve as the Deputy Chief of this department with honor, integrity and the knowledge necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position,” Bernat wrote.

The chief went on to call Mailey a “natural leader” who has been able to motivate and inspire other Dover officers.

Bernat also cited Mailey’s years of law enforcement service, beginning with service as an Air Force security police officer in 1985. Maily has received 14 departmental awards, served in many supervisory positions and taken part in two-dozen training courses since joining the force in 1993.

Speaking on behalf of the department Bernat said Mailey has everyone’s “full support and respect.”

“The staff officers who filed grievances in regards to the promotion process all have expressed their unwavering support of Marvin Mailey as the Deputy Chief of the Dover Police Department and only took issue with the improper influence that took place in connection with the appointment of the deputy chief,” Bernat wrote.

This also would be his final word on the subject, the chief said.

“The Dover Police Department will not have any further comment on this issue,” he said.