DelDOT Community Relations Officer Jim Westhoff is reporting road crews are working to clear roadways following the latest snowfall.

DelDOT Community Relations Officer Jim Westhoff has provided a snapshot of road conditions in the state following the latest snowfall.

Primary and most secondary roads throughout Delaware are primarily clear this morning, but drifting snow is becoming a factor, Westhoff said. In some wide-open spaces in each of the counties, the high winds are blowing the snow back onto roads that have already been cleared, requiring DelDOT crews to repeatedly plow the same roads.

Overall, roads in New Castle and Kent counties, which had the lightest snowfall, are in the best shape.  

Further south in parts of Kent County and most of Sussex County, where four to six inches of snow fell, many local and back roads still have a covering of snow or slush.

DelDOT crews in Sussex and Kent counties are continuing to salt and plow this morning, but drivers will need to be cautious.

Conditions will be warmer later today, which will help melt the remaining snow and dry the roads, Westhoff said.