Coming from the big screen to a stage near you is Dover High School's production of the romantic comedy “The Wedding Singer,” which opens Friday.

Coming from the big screen to a stage near you is Dover High School’s production of the romantic comedy “The Wedding Singer,” which opens Friday.

It’s the 1980s and Robbie Hart is everyone’s favorite wedding singer. Rocking out to the era’s top tunes with his band and making a living doing it, things can’t get much better for Robbie. Sure they can. In a few minutes, he’s about to tie the knot with the woman of his dreams.

But when Robbie’s fiancé stands him up at the altar, things head south pretty quickly. While Robbie does meet a new woman, the bubbly waitress, Julia, it doesn’t matter because she just got engaged to a Wall Street yuppie. If Robbie doesn’t declare his love to Julia Sullivan in time, his fragile heart will shatter once more, and he might never get the courage to love again.

Based on the 1998 film of the same name starring Adam Sandler (Robbie) and Drew Barrymore (Julia), the musical version of “The Wedding Singer” will allow fans of the film to relive their favorite moments, but with additional characters.

Dover High senior Christian Davis, portraying Robbie, couldn’t turn down the opportunity to play the male lead in the show.

“Robbie is not a stick in the mud,” said Davis, of Dover. “He’s really fun. He’s cool peoples. He has charisma. People like him and feed off of his energy and they find it positive.”

Davis likes Robbie because he seems like a guy he could relate to.

“When I think about doing a play, I try to envision how I would act it out,” he said. “I could see myself being Robbie.”

Prior to director Lisa Stevens announcing her intentions to direct the show, Rose Slavin, who portrays Julia, never knew “The Wedding Singer” was a musical. But after researching the show, she knew she wanted to take part in it.

“I listened to the soundtrack, and I watched videos online, and I just fell in love with it,” the sophomore said.” I fell in love with Julia.”

Stevens, a rookie director, said she was attracted to “The Wedding Singer” because she had a short timeframe to choose a show and felt the cast would enjoy a more contemporary production. “I decided to present ‘The Wedding Singer’ because we thought the kids would be familiar with it because they’re familiar with the movie, so at least they would know the story and it wouldn’t be so hard for them to learn it,” Stevens said. “And we just thought it would be fun.”

Considering Stevens is new to directing, her experience in the new role has been pretty humbling. But thankfully she has some kind performers who’ve been showing her the ropes.

“They’ve been invaluable because they’ve actually gone through musicals before,” she said. “They can tell about the things I need to be thinking about. It’s funny, because I’m teacher/the director, but the kids know what they’re doing more than I do.”


WHAT “The Wedding Singer”

WHEN 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday

WHERE Dover High School, 1 Patrick Lynn Drive, Dover

COST $10 for adults; $8 for seniors and students; free for children age 3 or younger

INFO Visit or call (302) 672-1525