A Dover man, Seanne M. Godwin, 30, has been jailed for life after a drug conviction labeled him a habitual offender.

A Dover man, Seanne M. Godwin, 30, has been sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted on numerous drug charges in a December 2013 trial in Kent County Superior Court.

The case began Oct. 16, 2012, said Department of Justice spokesman Jason Miller. Officers with the Delaware State Police Kent County Governor’s Task Force on patrol in the Autumn Run apartment complex tried to stop a car, which then led officers on a chase. The car ultimately was stopped, Miller said, and a search turned up a loaded .22-caliber handgun, marijuana and a digital scale.

Godwin, who was a rear seat passenger, was arrested after he told officers he had just completed a drug deal.

While on bail during that case, Godwin was jailed in May 2013 after being charged with drug dealing, possession of  marijuana and other charges. Prosecution on those charges is pending, Miller said.

After Godwin’s conviction in December 2013, Kent County Superior Court Judge William L. Witham Jr. sentenced Godwin to the life term based on a Delaware law that imposes the sentence on offenders convicted of three separate and distinct felonies. Those so convicted can be considered habitual offenders subject to life imprisonment, Miller said.

The two others in the vehicle with Godwin during the October 2012 incident, Kendric Forman, 24, and Tyere Joyner, 21, also were charged and convicted, although Miller gave no information on their sentences.