It's been almost two years since Atlantic Tractor moved from their Main Street location in Clayton to around the corner on Railroad Avenue. While some have questioned what would become of the old Clements Supply property, the wait is over as local residents have purchased the building.

Clayton residents Ed and Cheryl Ide purchased 315 N. Main St. last year and plans are starting to come together for the building.

"We just liked the building and it's potential," Ed Ide said on the purchase. "It sits at the center of the town. We like historic buildings."

The first floor of the building sits at roughly 12,000 square feet, with about 7,000 square feet on the second floor. There's also a stone parking lot next to the property.

Ide said there's a computer data storage business that will be on the first floor with an entrance on Clayton Avenue. The back part of the first floor will be used as a warehouse for the construction division of Ide's business, i3a.

As for the rest of the first floor, the Ides aren't 100 percent sure of the plans but there's been interest expressed for a market.

"We have heard many town folks requesting somewhat of a market where you can buy bread and milk," Ide said. "We're also thinking of adding a restaurant component to it."

Ide said he and Cheryl wouldn't have time to run a market because they have so many other things going on; however, if someone is interested they'll listen to them.

"We want to make sure it's done right," Ide said.

Before plans came be made to put a market into the property, Ide said the renovations need to be done. Interior renovations were already started to allow for the computer business to move in. Ide said exterior renovations will more than likely begin this summer; he expects them to take about six months.

"We're going to try to restore the building the best we that we can. It may not look exactly like it did in the past but that's our goal is to try to keep that same feel," Ide said.

This isn't the first historic building the Ides have purchased. They bought 1 N. Main St. in Smyrna and will renovate it. They also renovated the Old Smyrna Theater that houses Painted Stave Distillery and i3a. Ide said he likes working on historic buildings because they are a challenge.

"They're difficult to work with and I think there's a sense of pride being able to bring life back into them," Ide said. "It's too easy to just tear a building down and build a new building."

Ide has gotten some good responses from residents in the community regarding the purchase of the property. He said residents are glad the Ides purchased the building and town officials have proved to be very helpful.

Town Foreman Jeff Hurlock has previously said he's happy the building will be renovated.

Mayor Tom Horn is thrilled the Ides purchased the building and thinks the town is fortunate to have an individual invest money into Clayton.

"I was worried it would become a dilapidated building and an eye sore," Horn said. "This is absolutely a positive thing for Clayton. Any of Ed's projects in the past have been very successful and I hope this will do the same thing for Clayton."