A state disciplinary board has reinstated the medical license of Dover physician Dr. Jerome L. Abrams.

A state disciplinary board has reinstated the medical license of a Dover physician more than six months after initially ordering its suspension for alleged sexual misconduct.

Delaware’s Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline took the action Feb. 4 in the case of Dr. Jerome L. Abrams, said David Mangler, director of the Division of Professional Regulation.

“The license is now active,” Mangler said. “[Dr. Abrams] is fully free to practice again.”

At the time of the allegations, Abrams was on the staff at Dover Family Physicians.

Abrams’ license was temporarily suspended July 11, 2013, following an emergency petition filed by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden.

Biden said Abrams was under investigation by the Delaware State Police for “committing sexual misconduct against patients for a period of several years,” adding the allegations “serious and disturbing.”

The discipline board held a formal hearing on Oct. 1, which rejected the allegations of sexual misconduct, but instead ordered Abrams be cited for impropriety based on inappropriate “behaviors and gestures,” for failing to explain why he was touching his female patients and for not having chaperones present during examinations.

The board ordered Abrams’ license be suspended for four months beginning Oct. 1, that he undergo 12 hours of medical education, including sexual boundaries, chaperone use and medical ethics and complete a psychiatric examination. Abrams also was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine.

To reinstate his license, Abrams was required to again go before the board, Mangler said.

“In his appearance before the board, he petitioned to show he had met the stipulations and requirements of the board,” he said.

Details of those proceedings will not be released until the medical licensing board has had a chance to review and approve the record, Mangler said.

Jason P. Miller, spokesman for the Department of Justice said the police have wrapped up their investigation.

“The Delaware State Police conducted a thorough investigation of this matter,” Miller said. “After a careful review of the evidence, our office determined that criminal charges would not be filed.”

Reached by phone, Abrams said he had no additional comment on the case.