Here are some fun events outside of Dover that you might want to consider diving into this weekend.

Annual gaming convention

WHAT Unpub 4

WHEN 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday

WHERE St. Thomas More Academy, 133 Thomas More Academy, Magnolia


INFO Visit

How cool would it have been to be one of the first people to play a famous game like "Monopoly" before it gained global fame?

This might actually happen during the Unpub 4 gaming convention at St. Thomas More Academy on Saturday and Sunday.

Unpub is a popular event featuring game designers from around the country who present the community the opportunity to test their unpublished board and card games. Unpub 4 will the biggest yet, offering more than 60 total games of all types, shapes and sizes.

Think about it ─ even classic games like "Monopoly," "Risk" and "Life" had to start somewhere, which is why you might have the opportunity this weekend to play the next big game before it gets picked up by a publisher.

"At each Unpub event, at least one designer has been signed by a publisher," said Darrell Louder, the current coordinator for Unpub. "It is certainly rewarding to hear that a game has been signed and even more of a reward to see the final product on shelves."

Experience Miles of flavorful R&B

WHAT Miles Jaye in concert

WHEN 9 p.m., Sunday

WHERE Fire & Ice Lounge at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, 1131 North Dupont Highway, Dover

INFO Visit or call 674-4600

Hit R&B singer-songwriter Miles Jaye will give a special Sunday performance at the Fire & Ice Lounge at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino.

An accomplished musician and producer who's been dropping solo albums since the 1980s, Jaye is best known for his chart-topping hits "Let's Start Love Over," "Heaven" and "Objective" featuring Grover Washington, Jr.

Jaye's latest album is "Attenergy," released in 2011. Highlights on the album include the self-titled track, which displays Jaye's relationship with the violin and keyboard in a beautiful arrangement. Then the tune "Aperture" pulsates with a staccato bass, and ebbs and flows at a hypnotic pace. "Attenergy" is a project that'll charm fans of R&B for years through its 16 well-crafted songs.

Chained to rockin' tunes

WHAT Chainbreak in concert

WHEN 8:30 p.m., Friday

WHERE The Green Stinger Sports Bar and Grill, 492 Walnut Shade Road, Dover


INFO Visit Green Stinger on Facebook or call 698-3300

After turning The Green Stinger Sports Ball and Grill upside down in November, listeners will get another refill of the savvy band Chainbreak when it performs for a crowd with more rocking, honey-dipped covers at the venue tonight.

The band plays tunes from the '60s to present, offering a myriad of genres including modern, classic, Southern, and progressive rock, alternative, grunge, pop, blues, a little bit of funk, punk, R&B and country.

And as the night grows older, the band gets stronger. They begin to unleash heavier tunes that will guarantee to keep the audience's attention on them, and not whatever sports games are on TV.

Chainbreak knows how to keep the crowd on their toes, so you'd be wise to stuff your shoes with inserts tonight. If not, you'll be sorry you didn't.