Former Kent County Sheriff James A. Higdon was arrested Jan. 3 after he allegedly made threatening phone calls to at least two people.

Former Kent County Sheriff James A. Higdon, 60, is facing charges of harassment and terroristic threatening, leveled by both the city of Dover Police Department and the Delaware State Police.

The charges stem from incidents on Jan. 2, and Jan. 3, according to documents released by Justice of the Peace Court 7, Dover.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Higdon's ex-wife came into the Dover Police Department to register a harassment complaint, stating Higdon had contacted her in violation of his parole conditions. According to the victim Higdon had sent her three text messages on Jan. 2 and then left eight messages on her cell phone, threatening her with death.

The following day, a State Police trooper investigated a harassment complaint, where the victim reported having received a voice mail on his cell phone. The person making the call was screaming and cursing, and making statements that he knew where the victim lived and that he was coming after the victim along with another individual.

The victim said the person making the call sounded like Higdon, who was a former friend. The victim indicted the person making the call sounded highly intoxicated.

The following day, the victim used a Caller ID service to make a return phone call and then a text asking Higdon why he had threatened him. Higdon allegedly sent several text messages, including a threat to burn down his home.

The trooper went to Higdon's home in the 100 block of Golden Lane, Dover, after his investigation turned up the Dover Police warrant. The trooper took Higdon into custody without incident and read him his Miranda rights.

According to the affidavit, Higdon denied making any threats, but upon checking three cell phones in the apartment, the trooper noted all of them contained information showing they had been used to contact Higdon's ex-wife as well as the male victim.

Higdon denied making any phone calls or sending any text messages, suggesting they might have been made by a woman who had been in his home earlier.

Higdon was charged by both Dover and Delaware State Police with harassment and terroristic threatening. He was ordered held after failing to pay a $1,000 secured bond.