Eight-year-old South Dover Elementary's Norissa Howard is celebrating the publication of her first book, a fantasy tale that's also grounded in reality.

Eight-year-old Norissa Howard is just like any other little girl: she likes to sing, watch TV and play with her friends and classmates. She also likes to pretend she's a princess.

"She says she knows everything there is to know about being a princess," said mom Jakira Howard. "She said, 'I grew up as one.'"

Norissa has taken that imaginary world and mixed it with a dose of reality with her book, "A Princess Day," which tells the story of how even a popular and pretty girl − Princess Isabella − can fall victim to people who want to intimidate and harass her.

Writing the book was a collaborative effort between Norissa and Shirelle "Diamond" Hogans, owner of Radikal Publications.

Norissa was at the Dover YMCA on Saturday to sign copies of "A Princess Day," and took a few minutes to speak with the Dover Post.

Q Why did you decide to write about bullying?

A Bullying has been around for a really long time and I want it stopped because people don't feel very well when they get bullied.

Q Who are the writers you admire?

A Dr. Seuss. I love him! I really like the movie about the Grinch.

Q In your book, you show that even a pretty girl can be bullied. Why did you write it like that?

A I wanted to inspire other kids to say 'Stop, no way.' If they keep on saying that, then the bully will stop and bullying will stop all over the world.

Q This is your first book. What else are you planning?

A I haven't thought about that yet. I guess I won't stop until I drop.

Q What's it like being famous?

A I'm not famous − yet.

"A Princess Day" is available for $9.99, and may be ordered through www.norigrace.com. Norissa will autograph copies if requested.