Dover Police are investigating a Tuesday night automobile crash that resulted in the death of the driver, identified as Darius Gibbs.

Dover Police are in the initial stages of their investigation into a fatal automobile accident that occurred Tuesday night.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Darius Gibbs, 30, died at the scene, said police spokesman Cpl. Mark Hoffman.

The accident took place at 10:20 p.m. Oct. 22, when Gibbs' car, which was traveling southbound on U.S. Route 13 approaching Roosevelt Avenue, veered into northbound lanes

"The vehicle crossed over from the southbound lanes into the northbound lanes, struck a curb and hit a pole in the intersection," Hoffman said. "He then hit another curb on the south side of Roosevelt Avenue, causing the car to flip."

Gibbs' car, a black Cadillac, came to rest in the Hertrich Capitol automobile dealership at 1127 S. DuPont Highway, damaging several other vehicles on the lot, Hoffman said.

Members of the Dover Fire Department, Kent County paramedics and city of Dover and Kent County paramedics also responded to the scene.

It is not yet known if alcohol was a contributing element to the crash, Hoffman said.