Kent County Levy Court commissioners on Oct. 1 learned of a plan for a Korean War memorial.

Kent County Levy Court commissioners, meeting Tuesday night, received an update on plans for a Korean War memorial. Commissioners gave a warm welcome to one of their former members when ex-commissioner Paul Davis briefed the seven-man panel on plans for the veteran's memorial. Davis, who now serves as president of Chapter 850, Vietnam Veterans of America, said the proposed monument would be collocated with the current Vietnam memorial, which stands behind the Levy Court building. Levy Court commissioners donated that land to the Vietnam vets in 2008, understanding that future memorials also could be built there. A Korean War memorial in the shape of the state of Delaware stands near the Sussex County courthouse in Georgetown, and the Kent County memorial would be similar in design, Davis said. The monument would cost approximately $8,000 and be paid for by contributors and memorial brick sales. The Korean War veterans hope to have it dedicated on July 27, 2014, he said, and it would join the Gold Star Mothers memorial that was dedicated in 2012. The commissioners will take a final vote on the proposal at their Oct. 8 business meeting.