As magnificent an artist Pablo Picasso was, even he needed a helping hand to develop his skills.

As magnificent an artist Pablo Picasso was, even he needed a helping hand to develop his skills.

Understanding every child could become the next Picasso, Millsboro Art League member Gerilyn Gaskill treated her students like rock stars during her acrylic painting workshop for kids at MAL on Sept 26.

Gaskill will hold the same painting class at MAL this Thursday. The session will run for an hour, and it's open to students ages 6 to 9.

Getting started

Last week, Gaskill introduced students to the basics of painting with acrylics, such as how to mix colors and how to apply it to paper. She had several coloring books on display to help the kids generate ideas for what they could paint. The books included themes of beaches and lighthouses.

After painting a seascape for the class to reference, Gaskill cut the kids loose, allowing them to paint whatever their tender hearts desired.

Eight-year-old Eva Cullen illustrated a sunny beach scene with an iconic candy cane-striped beach umbrella. A young beach lover herself, Cullen says seeing a variety of colors at her disposal compelled her to create the seascape.

"I thought of different blue and yellow and some white [colors], so it made me want to paint a beach," said Cullen, of Millsboro.

Hadleigh Schwartz, the youngest of the students, took a different approach.

"I really like butterflies" and "I really like flowers," said the 4-year-old Schwartz, of Georgetown, who painted a scene with both.

Meanwhile, Molly Gartman created a scene with a horse in a meadow.

"It just popped up into my mind," said 7-year-old Molly, of Millsboro.

'They're audacious'

Learning to mix colors and apply paints is key. But they're not the most important aspects when using acrylics.

"The most important thing is just to have fun and enjoy the process," said Gaskill, of Georgetown, who relayed the same message to her students.

"Once I got them started, I just left them alone. If they asked for help, I helped them, and that was almost continuously. But they just enjoyed the process. It's the end of a school day. They're tired. They just want to enjoy what they want to do."

Gaskill might have been the teacher, but her pupils taught her something at the workshop. "They're not afraid to color," she said. "They're audacious. They just do it. If they think they know how to draw an owl, [they'll say] 'I know how. I don't need you to tell me.'"


WHAT "Exploring Art" with Gerilyn Gaskill

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