Local authors share ideas, prose with Kent Co. Public Library critique group.

Local authors share ideas, prose with Kent Co. Public Library critique group.

Every Thursday you'll find a small group of writers tucked away in the back of Kent County Public Library, sharing colorful tales about their own original works for a friendly critique.

Writers don't get roasted for using run-on sentences or poor grammar in their stories. It's not that kind of party. This critique group, which has been around for more than six years, is a peaceful place where writers of all disciplines gather together to improve their skills. And new members are always welcome.

Last Thursday saw Jim Ranieri, the group's president, and group members Doris Taylor and Eileen Oldigs immersed in a rich world of fiction that they delicately constructed.

'A Cave in Time'

Ranieri, of Dover, read passages from his sci-fi novel "A Cave in Time." The novel is about Cornell University post-graduate college students (Frank Rohm, Tony Manetti and Johnny Brooks) and a Cornell professor (Abe Levine) who've managed to open a portal to the past. The students enter the portal and quickly discover they're back in the Ice Age. They soon meet cavemen and decide to stay with them a while before returning to their lab at Cornell. While it's cool to time travel, the professor and students are tasked with keeping their portal a secret.

'Little Pat's Pennant'

Oldigs discussed her original children's novel "Little Pat's Pennant."

One day while on a field trip, a young lad named Pat learns from his teacher that kings during Medieval times would put a flag above their castle or over wherever they were staying so "people would know they were there," said Oldigs, of Cheswold. This knowledge takes over Pat's imagination.

"His mother makes him a kit so he can make his own pennant. And he does," Oldigs said. "However, after he makes the pennant, the pennant keeps hanging over his head everywhere he goes. And he can't get rid of it."

'John's Story… And Trust the Future'

Taylor shared her military romance saga "John's Story… And Trust the Future."

"John's Story" follows a Navy Seal named John whose comrades get killed on a mission. As a result, he's sent on leave to get his mind off his fallen brothers. So John vacations to Fenwick Island and meets a girl named Sunny, who he falls in love with.

John is later transferred to California and Sunny decides to tag along. Things look good for the couple, until John's superiors inform him he's needed for a new mission. Since John is a Navy Seal, he's forbidden to tell Sunny where he's going. All the while, Sunny has something really important to tell him.

"Sunny finds out she's pregnant," said Taylor, of Camden. "But she doesn't know where he is or [if] he'll be back."


WHAT Writers' critique group

WHEN 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Thursdays

WHERE Kent County Public Library, 497 S. Red Haven Lane, Dover

INFO Visit http://co.kent.de.us or call (302) 264-9307