Garrisons Lake Golf Course

On Monday, August 5 the Garrisons Lake Seniors played a nine-hole “Scramble” event.

First Place – (Tie) – 35

Alex Becton, Nancy Nugent, and Stoney Sarver

Doug Kistle, Ed Wheatley, and Bill Thomas

Randy Coe, Linda Kurry, Jack Connolly, and Pete Endicott

On Thursday, August 8 the Garrisons Lake Ladies played a “Tee-Green 9-Hole” Tournament where only shots from the green-tee counted for a score.

Flight A

First Place – Linda Kurry

Second Place – Irene Simpson

Flight B

First Place – Marilyn McFarlin

Second Place – Elaine Raab

Wild Quail Golf Course

On Tuesday, August 6 the Wild Quail Ladies held their Member/Guest tournament with the format being best 2 balls of the 4 players.


First Place – 161

Judy Larson, Linda Malloy, Sally Grillo, and Ann Reed

Second Place – 167

Peg Bundek, Vaughn Crouch, Mimi Eckerlin, and Daisy Hudson


First Place – 127

Francine Dabson, Doris Wilt, Sue McKone, and Irene Simpson

Second Place – 132

Jonna Jarmon, Nancy Marsh, Ellison Carey, and Pat Short

Third Place – 133

Karen Kitchen, Sharon Emerson, Phyllis Pepper, and Columbia Porter

Fourth Place – 133

Kathy Gesualdo, Lorraine Cimerola, Marydale Craig, and Lois Huggins

Party Ball Winners – Best Net Score

June Allen, Mary Anne Brown, Joan Martin, and Linda Outlaw

Closest to the Pin

Hole #4 – Jo Smith – 4’2”

Hole #8 – Claudia Young – 1’11”

Hole #13 – Marydale Craig – 7’8”

Hole #17 – Linda Malloy – 7’8”

Second Shot Closest to the Pin

Hole #12 – Pam Sheldon (Guest) – 3’8”

Hole #12 – Linda Malloy (Member) – 28’1”

Maple Dale Country Club

On Friday, August 2 Maple Dale Country Club member Temple Carter hit a Hole-in-One on Hole #3.

On Tuesday, August 6 the Maple Dale Ladies 18 Holers played a “Stapleford Points” tournament.

First Place – Connie Muterspaw 41

Second Place – Nancy Nugent 34

Third Place – Ellen Viden 31

On Saturday, August 10 Maple Dale Country Club held a “Couples Championship.”


First Place – 78

Paul Hufschmidt

Sue Hufschmidt

Second Place – 81 (Tie)

Mike Nugent

Nancy Nugent

Robert Neylan

Katia Foret


First Place – 59

Bob Reed

Barbara Reed

Second Place – 60 (Tie)

Glen Hitchens

Jean Hitchens

Dan Muterspaw

Connie Muterspaw

Fourth Place – 62 (Tie)

Rich Eitel

Betsy Eitel

Phil Blatz

Ellen Viden

Closest to the Pin

Hole #3 – Jeannie Deleo – 23’9”

Hole #8 – Paul Hufschmidt – 7’5”

Hole #13 – Jim Porter – 4’0”