Delaware State Police are investigating cases where someone shot at two homes east of Dover.

Two east Dover families are on alert after someone fired several shots at their homes, damaging the buildings and two vehicles.

Both homes are on North Little Creek Road, just outside the Dover city limits.

The first house was hit twice, deeply pitting the metal siding; a vehicle and camper also were hit. The second home was struck by at least one projectile.

Delaware State Police have been notified and are investigating the vandalism.

The shootings took place at approximately 7:15 p.m. July 31, said Dover businessman David Louie, whose home was the first to be hit.

Louie was inside, working on his computer, and didn’t realize what was going on outside.

“I heard this ting-ting sound on metal and wondered what the noise was,” he said.

His neighbor, Robert Desanto, whose home was the second to be hit, spotted a man in a car, turning off Fox Road and headed toward his house.

“I heard this pow-pow-pow-pow and he came around the corner with his arm out the window,” Desanto said. “Then, pow-pow-pow. He was still shooting when he passed the house.”

A quick inspection showed the home had been hit at least once, badly cracking a front living room window.

Desanto and his wife, Loretta, said their assailant was driving a dirty white car, possibly a Hyundai, with a red stripe across the rear.

DeSanto mentioned the encounter to Louie and that’s when Louie discovered he also had been a victim. One of the shots had struck the outside wall of his daughter’s bedroom; the other hit the exterior of the room he had been sitting in.

But what appeared to have been a random act of vandalism turned chilling four days later, Desanto said.

“Someone pulled up to the driveway, stuck his head out, and yelled, ‘Pow!’” he said. The man, who had pulled to the right side of the road – against any oncoming traffic – then sped away. Desanto was so startled the only description he could give was that the man was Caucasian; the truck was a dirty, older model, either dark green or dark blue in color.

The report filed by the investigating trooper indicates the shooter might have been firing a BB gun or air rifle, although Desanto thinks it could have been gas-powered pellet gun or even a .22-caliber handgun. The trooper could not find spent bullets at either location.

Both men are angry and upset that someone would commit such a senseless act.

“That idiot probably thought he was just shooting at cars and houses,” Louie said. “But my wife or my daughter could have been hit.”