The Rev. Dale Dunning discussed her efforts to feed hungry people Wednesday morning at Heritage at Dover.

Some call the Rev. Dale Dunning the Miracle Lady; others call her the Souper Woman.

That's OK, but titles don't really seem to matter to Dunning, who has garnered national recognition for her efforts to feed people in need.

Dunning spoke about her experiences Wednesday before a group of fellow ministers and residents of Heritage at Dover senior living community.

For the past 14 years, Dunning and her husband, Ken, have operated Jusst Sooup Ministries and Jusst Sooup Kitchen, at first from their home near Milton and then later at a property near Milton, dubbed Jusst Sooup Ranch.

Her efforts captured the notice of Oprah Winfrey, People magazine and the ABC television network, whose "Extreme Home Makeover" show built Jusst Sooup Ranch, which features an expansive, thoroughly modern kitchen.

Rising at midnight five days a week, she cooks up pots of soup and distributes them to various locales, mostly churches, throughout Delaware in an effort to feed the hungry.

"It's just amazing where God will take you," she said. "I just get excited when I think of the Lord and how he impacts and changes lives."

At first, Dunning seemed destined for a different kind of life. She and Ken married young, eventually raising four sons, and she supplemented the family income by cleaning homes.

In 1999, she was at a prayer meeting when she heard a voice tell her, "It's just soup." That quiet whisper led Dunning to what is now her true calling, which she takes from John 21:15, where Jesus admonishes his disciples to "Feed my sheep."

She started with the food on hand in her kitchen and hasn't looked back.

Now an ordained minister, she combines feeding hungry stomachs with feeding hungry souls.

"It's all about loving God and ministering to his people," she said. "I'm so grateful for having received this call."