You've heard the saying "stand up straight!" But does it really matter? We reveal...

Last week, we shared why it’s important to sit up straight. This week, we’re back to share why it’s important to stand up straight, too!

First, it’s important to avoid these common mistakes with standing posture:

- Military Posture demonstrates overcorrection.

- Pulling shoulders back with chin up.

- Holding your stomach in & holding breath.

- Leaning Back beyond base of support.

- Locking Knees.

Our team shares these tips for maintaining good posture:

-Simply “Stand Tall.”

- It's about lining up your bones.

- Avoid overcorrection.

- Standing posture begins at the foundation; our feet.

- Body weight should be centered over the arches of our feet & evenly distributed.

- Knees should feel relaxed not locked.

- Chest & abdomen should feel aligned.

- Our shoulders should feel broad.

- Our head held high like a string is attached.

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