A Seaford man, identified as Franckel Desir, 40, was arrested July 25 on charges of impersonating a police officer.

A Seaford man, identified as Franckel Desir, 40, has been arrested on charges of impersonating a police officer. The incident took place July 25 at the intersection of U.S. Route 13 and Lockmeath Way, Camden, said Kimberly H. Chandler, spokeswoman for the state Department of Safety and Homeland Security. Chandler said a Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement agent stopped a vehicle that had suddenly pulled over to the shoulder and had gone through a red light. A separate person told the agent the vehicle had been driving erratically, running other vehicles off the road and using a siren and flashing emergency lights. The agent contacted the driver, identified a Desir, who identified himself as a New York City police officer and showed an NYPD auxiliary officer badge and identification as well as an expired Delaware driver’s license. Chandler said Desir’s Delaware-registered vehicle was equipped with a siren and emergency lights on the dashboard. A check with the NYPD confirmed Desir was an auxiliary police officer, but he was not allowed to identify himself as such while out of state nor was he allowed to have the siren and emergency lights, Chandler said. New York authorities also were not aware Desir had established a residence in Delaware, she added. Chandler also said that while Desir had recently joined the Seaford Volunteer Fire Company, he was not authorized to have the siren or lights. Desir was charged with impersonating a police officer, use of unauthorized flashing lights on a vehicle, disregarding a red light and having no valid driver’s license and insurance. He was later jailed at the Sussex County Correctional Institute, Georgetown, in default of a $754 secured bail. The DATE officer seized the emergency lights, siren and Desir’s NYPD credentials, Chandler said.