Here are a few nifty events outside of Dover that you should consider checking out this weekend.

Step into 'La Cage aux Folles'

WHAT "La Cage aux Folles"

WHEN 7:30 p.m., Friday; 7:30 p.m., Saturday; final show date is Aug. 29

WHERE Clear Space Theatre Company, 20 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach

COST $30 for general admission; $25 for seniors (60 and older); $15 for students/children (including college students)

INFO Visit or call (302) 227-2270

With Delaware recently legalizing gay marriage, it seems like Clear Space Theatre Company's new comedic musical "La Cage aux Folles," one that revolves around a gay couple and drag queens, couldn't come at a more significant time.

"La Cage" is headlined by female impersonator Christopher Peterson (as Albin) and shows will be held this weekend tonight and Saturday at Clear Space in Rehoboth Beach.

The birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. And lately, love has been consuming every molecule of air Jean-Michel has been inhaling. Engaged to his fiancé, Anne Dindon, Jean-Michel is floating on cloud nine. But he falls back to Earth when Dindon, who comes from an ultra-conservative family, requests to meet her future parents in-law who just so happen to be gay. Jean-Michel still hasn't broken the news to Dindon as he fears his untraditional family wouldn't be accepted by his in-laws.

Since there's no chance in Haiti he's going to come clean with Dindon, he tells his father, Georges, who he lives with, and Georges' lover/roommate, Albin, to pretend to play it straight when meeting his girl and her family.

Dewey Beach gives you reason to 'Lovebettie'

WHAT Rusted Root and Lovebettie in concert

WHEN 9 p.m., Sunday

WHERE Bottle & Cork, 1807 Highway One, Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach

COST $25

INFO Visit or call (302) 227-3888

Pennsylvania bands Lovebettie and Rusted Root will shake up (but not stir) the Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach on Sunday.

Opening up for Rusted, Lovebettie will douse the crowd with all of the swagger rock dripping from its new album, "Rise," plus a little something extra because they love Dewey. In fact, Lovebettie makes the hike to Dewey every three or four months from Pittsburgh, Pa., which is more than a six-hour drive going one way.

"Dewey is our favorite place," said frontwoman/pianist Alexandra Naples, 27, who instantly attracts attention for the band with her signature red and black updo. "It's been our home away from home."

"Rise," released only a few months ago, covers a full spectrum of emotions that fans can relate to.

There's "Your Own Worst Enemy," a very vengeful song inspired by people who are nasty to you for no reason. It's an "anthem for people to sing about that person in their life," Naples said.

In contrast, "Alarm," was influenced by a Dave Matthews Band concert that rejuvenated Naples and reminded her of how music has the power to awaken your senses when you're in a funk.

A little 'Dash' of Berlin

WHAT Dash Berlin in concert

WHEN 8 p.m., Saturday

WHERE SoundGarden Hall, 520 N Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa.

COST $58

INFO or call (717) 507-0258

During the '90s, you'd get laughed at for going to an electro/techno concert since the music was regarded as too artificial and repetitive compared to genres like hip-hop and rock.

But you need to look no further than Firefly Music Festival 2013 to see a recent example of how drastically things have changed over the years for electro artists as now their music is held in higher esteem. Big name electro artists including Zedd, Big Gigantic, Capital Cities and Manufactured Superstars all performed before thousands last weekend at Firefly.

And if you didn't get a chance to catch any of those guys, or if you couldn't get enough of their digital sound, your best bet would be to see electro/trance DJ Dash Berlin pump up the SoundGarden Hall in Philadelphia, Pa., on Saturday.

All you need to do is see his sizzling new video "Fool for Life" and you'll be sold on him.