Milford tennis player Colt Williamson played in the DIAA state tournament this year, and he's only a freshman.

Colt Williamson is an active 15-year-old, who just finished his freshman year at Milford High School.

What sets him apart from his classmates is the fact that as a ninth-grader, he earned the number one singles position this spring as the top boys tennis player on the Milford High School varsity team.

To him, though, it's no big surprise. He's been playing tennis since he was an infant.

"I've been playing tennis practically since I was about two years old," Williamson said. "I was given a racquet then, and I've been playing ever since that time."

His father, Rexx, has coached him throughout his young career.

"My father has coached me since I was very young, and my strength is probably my forehand shot, but also I would say it's the mental aspects of the game," Williamson said. "My dad has taught me those skills, and they have been a huge advantage for me."

Williamson said his most memorable varsity matches, so far, were those against archrival Caesar Rodney.

"I actually lost both of those matches, but I learned a lot from losing, such as what to improve upon, and how to play better," Williamson said.

His toughest match to date? The quarterfinals of the DIAA state tournament in May.

"I had a tough first set against Alex Matulas from Salesianum, and I wound up losing the match to him," Williamson said.

Matulas eventually won the state tournament in first singles.

Williamson said he enjoyed playing on the Buccaneers team this spring.

"Tennis is primarily an individual sport, but I really enjoyed the team aspect of tennis at Milford. We did well this season and we all worked very hard, and I think that we did the best we could," he said.

He said he liked playing singles because he likes being in control of his out outcome.

"There's no coaching on the court during a game, if there's a problem on the tennis court you have to fix it yourself," he said. "You're all alone out there during a match."

Williamson was grateful for his father's tutelage, but also for the help of his other coach, Gabby Brengle.

This summer, he'll be training with Brengle, working to get stronger and stay in shape. He'll be playing in tennis tournaments almost every week this summer. Williamson recently won the boys U16 singles title and also the boys U18 doubles championship with partner Nikola Sijan at the USTA Delaware Junior State Championships.

Williamson followed those victories up with a win in the Wilmington City Clay Court boys U16 tournament at the Wilmington Country Club.

He's been under the weather lately, so he'll likely take some time off before participating in the USTA Level 6 Championships in Lansdale, Pa.