Group thanks legislators for legislation supporting Delaware’s disabled

It was just their way of saying “Thanks.”

About four dozen people surprised state legislators Thursday afternoon as they put on a flash mob on the east side of Legislative Hall.

A flash mob is a spontaneous gathering of people who get together and dance in public places; sometimes the performance is done just for fun; sometimes there is a serious meaning behind the dance moves.

This group gathered to show their appreciation to senators and state representatives who have supported legislation for Delaware’s disabled citizens. Although this event wasn’t as spur-of-the-moment as they would have liked – they had to get advance permission from police – it still got the attention they were looking for.

The group was put together by Diann Jones, chairwoman of the Developmental Disabilities Council for Delaware, and the mother of a disabled daughter.

“As a parent and through the council, our role is to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities and all disabilities,” Jones said.

The council advocates for people with Down syndrome, autism, mental illness, cerebral palsy and any of the other physical or mental problems that limit a person’s abilities in one or more life area, she said.

Other than helping those in need, the group advises legislators on disability issues, including proper treatment of the disabled.

Supported by some workers from Legislative Hall, the group danced to Sly and the Family Stones hits, “Everyday People,” and “Thank You.”

Those songs exemplify what the group was trying to say, Jones said.

“We’re just everyday people who wanted to say ‘Thank you,’” she said.

Rep. Bill Carson, D-Smyrna, was among several legislators on hand to watch.

“This is what it’s all about,” he said. “That’s what we’re in office for, to be able to reach out and help those who need help.”