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The Heirloom Video - A Family's Legacy OR A Business Legacy
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By Greer Firestone

- Playwright/actor in 1 man First Person Multi Media Living History show THE DuPONT STORY  A FAMILY A COMPANY

- Playwright ...

Aisle Say

- Playwright/actor in 1 man First Person Multi Media Living History show THE DuPONT STORY  A FAMILY A COMPANY

- Playwright of Broadway style musical GERSHWIN, by GEORGE: The 1936 Radio, JUDY GARLAND \x34World's Greatest Entertainer\x34

- Author of historical novel: ALEXEI and RASPUTIN

- High school soccer and lacrosse ref and arts/non-profits advocate

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By Greer Firestone
June 20, 2013 8:42 a.m.

Does your company use video effectively?

Do your employees and clients understand the history, mission, and values of your company?

Video can promote a strong financial future by ensuring your company’s values are well understood by all stakeholders. Your employees will act with a renewed sense of purpose. You will attract more qualified employees who share and appreciate the values articulated in your videos. And you provide future generations of leaders with a guiding light by which to manage the business according to the principles that have contributed to its success.

Videos for family businesses can be especially valuable.

Video will drive traffic to your company’s website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based in large part on video content. And once visitors are on your site, your dynamic, interactive, and engaging videos will keep them there for longer and strengthen their relationship with your company.

Videos can go viral like no other media. If you’re looking for publicity, and can produce an engaging video, the global reach is massive. Videos allow you to reach new audiences – including customers and the media – and better connect with those who know your organization well.

Digital videos will last for generations. The old pictures and newspapers you have sitting around the office will soon be forgotten, lost, or damaged. The VHS tapes and 16 mm reels will soon be impossible to view. Don’t let your organization’s history be forgotten. Digitize your content to protect and preserve it for years to come.

Heirloom videos are ideal for a variety of occasions…

• Video for family business anniversary

• Company celebration video

• Documentary to commemorate a retiring executive

• Video to honor a donor at a gala dinner

…And can be featured in a variety of venues:

• Enhance your company’s website

• Educate employees during training

• Entertain and educate visitors to your office lobby

• Impress current and potential investors, clients, and partners

• Pass on the company’s values, mission, and legacy to future generations of leaders

The Heirloom Video has the skill and experience to tell the story of your company or organization to all audiences. We conduct research on the company, and work closely with the client. Greer Firestone has had years of business, directing and writing experience.

The Heirloom Video can interview as many or as few individuals as the client desires. Others include executives, board members, clients, and other key stakeholders. Once we capture the footage, we offer the complete package: editing, music, titles, DVD production. What sets us apart is our ability to turn content into a powerfully told story that your audience will enjoy.

Oh, and we do families as well to create a lifetime legacy for children & grandchildren.

Greer Firestone

Facebook.com/The Heirloom Video

YouTube trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rBEO2GXvwc&feature=youtu.be



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