Members of Camden's town council have decided not to renew the employment contract for the town's deputy police chief, Capt. Gary Melvin.

Members of Camden's town council voted unanimously June 3 not to renew the employment contract for the town's deputy police chief, Capt. Gary Melvin.

The vote came with no debate, in contrast to the considerable amount of time spent discussing the contract during council's May 6 session. That meeting included testimony from town residents who wanted Melvin's agreement to be renewed.

At that time, several council members expressed their thoughts that Melvin's position was redundant and that Police Chief William Bryson could carry the load of both his job and that of his deputy.

The money saved from not renewing the contract could be put to use hiring new officers, Vice Mayor Justin T. King said at the time. King argued that the town had been forced to lay off four officers several years ago, leaving only one patrolman on the streets during each shift.

Melvin's contract expires on July 1.

In other actions during the two-hour session, council members held a public hearing on the town's proposed Fiscal Year 2013-2014 budget, although no town resident got up to speak either for or against the spending plan.

Council immediately adopted the new budget, which will go into effect on July 1.

Town Manager L. Aaron Chaffinch said the town is projecting general fund revenue of $1.93 million, and expenditures of approximately $1.86 million, leaving a surplus of approximately $69,000.

Council members unanimously adopted a resolution asking the state General Assembly to approve draft legislation that would allow members of the Camden-Wyoming Sewer and Water Authority to be removed from office without cause.

The mayor of each town appoints three members to the six-person panel.

Wyoming's town council already has approved a similar resolution, Chaffinch said.

"This creates an at-will situation," Chaffinch said. "Right now, [authority members] serve a certain term. If either of the towns are not happy with their appointees, if they're not doing what the council wants, this will allow the town to take someone off and put someone new on."

Camden's next town council meeting will take place at 7 p.m., Monday, July 1, at the Town Hall, located at 1783 Friends Way.