Wild Quail Golf Course

The Wild Quail Ladies 9-hole group played a “Bingo-Bango-Bongo” tournament last week.

Flight A

1st Place – Pat Sterling 11

2nd Place (Tie) – Pat Sweeney & Dottie Baker 6

Flight B

1st Place – Becky Sharpe 12

2nd Place – Fran Dabson 5

Garrisons Lake Golf Course

The Ladies from Garrisons Lake played a 9-hole tournament, field shots only, on Thursday, June 6.

Flight A

1st Place – Judy Kaufman

2nd Place – Dorothy Shahan

Flight B

1st Place – Pat Mayer

2nd Place (Tie) – Marilyn McFarlin, Elaine Rabb, and Lucy Lange

Jonathans Landing Golf Course

The Jonathans Landing Ladies played a Par 4’s only tournament on Wednesday, June 5.

Flight A

1st Place – Jeannie Walls

Flight B

1st Place (Tie) – Linda Jarrell & Kendall Reynolds

Flight C

1st Place – Gracie Tucker

Flight D

1st Place – Faye Yonkers