Here are a few nifty events outside of Dover that you should consider checking out this weekend.

Fresh take on classic fairytale characters

WHAT 'A Walk in the Woods' play

WHEN 7 p.m., Friday; 1 p.m., Saturday; 1 p.m., Sunday

WHERE Riverfront Theatre, 2 S. Walnut St., Milford

COST There's no set fee for Friday's show as it'll be a "pay-what-you-can" event; $10 for Saturday and Sunday show dates

INFO or call (302) 422-0220

Goldilocks and her freeloading-ways have once again landed her in hot water with The Three Bears. This time, however, the big bad Wolf and the Witch, who's dying to feast on Hansel and Gretel, want a piece of the blonde orphan as she's trying to lose the Bears in these crazy woods.

While other fairytale characters like Little Red Riding Hood and the Woodsman help her along the way, it'll be quite clear and hilarious from the get-go that the forest can be a pretty scary and hilarious place in Second Street Players' comedic play "A Walk in the Woods," opening at the Riverfront Theatre tonight.

"A Walk in the Woods" reveals a clever reinterpretation of legendary characters in unimagined ways.

Without completely letting the cat out of the bag, the show revolves around the forest-savvy Goldilocks, who serves as the show's hero, despite her checkered past.

The Three Little Pigs, for instance, are now prissy girly-girls with pig ears in pink dresses and sunglasses, sipping fruity drinks beneath an umbrella. Rather than watch the bad Wolf blow down their homes, the brick-builder pig, Mason (portrayed by Emily Simon), goes for the gusto and blows up the Wolf with TNT. Too bad Mason blows up her brick house in the process, leaving her and her siblings homeless.

'Mama Said' rock you out

WHAT What Mama Said in concert

WHEN 9 p.m., Saturday

WHERE Deer Park Tavern, 108 W. Main St., Newark

INFO or (302) 894-1200

Veteran cover band What Mama Said was born to rock the Mid-Atlantic. Led by charismatic frontman Joey Thomas, WMS delivers electric performances through its five-part harmonies, a pummeling rhythm section and musical diversity to keep any crowd partying all night.

You can catch boys at Deer Park Tavern in Newark on Saturday.

WMS covers the latest top 40 hits, modern rock, country, hip-hop, dance, R&B and 80s retro. Like Waldo, these guys are all over the place. Rocking stages from Virginia to Philadelphia, Pa., and everywhere in between, this Newark-based outfit is a traveling circus who knows how to entertain, especially in its hometown.

House concert

WHAT Ruut and Kyle Offidani in concert

WHEN 6:30 p.m., Saturday

WHERE Cooldog Concert Series, private house concert in Kenton (address will be provided after RSVP)

COST $15 adult; $10 ages 10-18 and active military


For fans of house concert, Cool Dogs Concert Series is the spot for you. Cool Dog, located in Kenton, will host headliner Ruut and special guest Kyle Offidani on Saturday.

Currently living in Baltimore, Md., Ruut is a folk-rocker/pop singer born in Finland to classical musician parents. Her various musical influences such as Carole King, Paul Simon, Elton John, Michael Jackson and Tori Amos have spilled over into her elegant piano-based storytelling.

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Offidani, of Austin, Texas, specializes in playing finger-style guitar (a technique that involves plucking guitar strings with fingertips or fingernails, as opposed to flatpicking). Offidani is a beast at finger-style, which is a pretty tough technique to learn.