After finishing with a respectable 9-8 record last season, the Ravens have hit a bit of speed bump this season. 

The Ravens lost 5 of their first 6 games this season, then proceeded to lose 4 of their next 6. So, now they stand at 3-9 on the season with 4 games remaining in the regular season. And while they won’t challenge for the Diamond State Division, they can surely end their season on a high-note.

All of St. Thomas More’s remaining games are against teams with losing records, which could be a great opportunity for the Ravens to improve their record.

While the success of last season hasn’t followed this Ravens team this season, they are an extremely prideful group. Even against the toughest of competition this season, they haven’t backed down. They’ve played every pitch as if the game depended on it. A lot of the credit for that mentality has to go to the coaching staff and the 7 seniors that make up the Raven’s roster.

Players like Charles Biddle and Brian Spangler have been tremendous leaders on the field for the Ravens this season leading the group of seniors. Now, they have only a few more games left to pass along their work ethic and team-first attitude to the underclassmen that will fill their cleats come next season.

Junior Rourke Bonnell and Sophomore Sean Pool are already standouts on this Raven’s club, and will undoubtedly look to take the reigns as the leaders on and off the field for the Ravens next season.

Then, you have freshmen Liam Gallagher and Travis Ziegler who were able to learn on the fly this season. With a year of varsity baseball under their belts, they should return as stronger more cerebral players next season.

So, while it may seem the Ravens have little to play for the rest of the way, it’s simply not the case. During these last few games the Ravens will have plenty more teaching moments, and a lot of opportunities to grow as players and a team the rest of the way.