Antonio DePina has accomplished a lot on the basketball court for the Polytech Panthers. Since transferring his sophomore year, DePina has fought his way to becoming a starter on what has become a very successful basketball program at Polytech.

In a season where he scored his 1,000th point and helped the Panthers yet again reach the state tournament, the next logical step for the senior was committing to a college where he would play basketball.

On Friday, that became a reality as DePina signed his Letter of Intent to attend Kutztown University in Pennsylvania where he will be on a basketball scholarship. Here at the Dover Post, we sat down with DePina to talk about his decision to go to Kutztown University and to reflect on his time at Polytech.

Q: Earlier in the season you spoke about all the hard work you have put in over the years and that you owe all you’ve accomplished to that hard work. Where does your work ethic come from and how does it feel to see all of that hard work paying off?

A: My hard work came from people telling me I wasn't good enough back in middle school. I feel relieved now that I have committed and know where I'm going and I can just enjoy the rest of my senior year .

Q: What went into your decision to choose Kutztown University?

A: I choose Kutztown University because I loved the campus and the coaching staff there really made me feel wanted.

Q: What are your impressions of Head Coach Driscoll of Kutztown University? And did you discuss what your roll might be on the team?

A: Coach Driscoll is a great coach and real down to earth, he never promises playing time but told me if I worked hard I could play. 

Q: What are your aspirations for your college career? What goals have you made for yourself?

A: My goals for the future are to win a PSAC conference championship and go to the Division 2 national tournament.  I would like to play overseas one day but my larger goal is to get my degree.

Q: When you look back on your career at Polytech, what would you say are some of your favorite moments on the court?

A: My favorite moments were our rival games with Dover and Smyrna, it always had big crowds and we both really went after it. And I’ll always remember holding our Henlopen South winning streak.

Q: What kind of mentor has Coach Pierce been to you over the years? What kind of impact have some of your current and past teammates had on your game?

A: Coach pierce had a big impact on me on the court. He showed me without grades and hard work you won’t make it. And I probably wouldn't have gotten this scholarship if it wasn't for that lesson. Past players from Polytech taught me how to be tougher and how to not be scared of anyone because we have had a lot of Delaware’s best players at Poly and we have to play against them every day so you have to learn to not be scared and go at them.

Q: Kutztown has some impressive alumni, like Andre Reed, former Buffalo Bills wide receiver and Ryan Voglesong, currently a starter for the San Francisco Giants. What would it be like to be mentioned in the same breathe with those names after your college career is over?

A: That would be amazing, because I feel as though if I work hard enough anything is possible. (Polytech) has a few overseas players as well and if that works out for me I’ll be happy and if not I’ll have my degree.