Interested in adopting a parrot?

The Kent County SPCA has received 30 large parrots and is putting them all up for adoption.

The birds, which include Macaws, Amazons and African Greys, were donated to the agency by a person in Georgetown who was having trouble caring for them, said shelter spokeswoman Elizabeth Butts.

Some, but not all of the birds, Butts said, are showing signs of stress, which includes literally plucking feathers from their bodies. Some also have untrimmed beaks which hampers their ability to eat.

This is not a hoarding situation, Butts said, but a case of someone who had taken on a responsibility they could not meet.

People considering adopting one of these animals should be experienced in keeping large birds because many of them live for 80 years or more, making their care a lifetime commitment, Butts said.

Because the shelter rarely receives so many large birds, it does not have enough food and other supplies for them. Funds or large parrot-specific supplies will be greatly appreciated.

Persons interested in adopting one of these birds may either come out to the shelter or call ahead at (302) 698-3006 (Option 2) for more information.

The Kent County SPCA is located at 32 Shelter Circle, Camden.

Donations are accepted online through Paypal at All donations to the Kent County SPCA are tax deductible.