Four people were arrested on drug and weapons charges after leading police on a chase in Magnolia.

Four people were arrested by State Police after a pursuit near Magnolia.

The incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. yesterday evening as two troopers patrolling the area of Meadowbrook Acres, west of Magnolia, observed a blue Chevrolet Impala traveling eastbound on Millchop Lane, the car failed to properly signal as it turned south onto Lambert Drive.  As the troopers, who were traveling together in one vehicle, attempted to perform a traffic stop on the Impala, it began accelerating at a high rate of speed through the neighborhood before exiting back onto Millchop Lane where it turned right.  The Chevy continued traveling eastbound before turning right onto Peachtree Run and then right onto Fox Hollow Drive where troopers observed what appeared to be plastic bags being thrown out of the passenger’s side window.  As the pursuit continued through the development of Fox Hollow, the vehicle finally exited back onto Peachtree Run before coming to a stop.

Veronica Crain, who was the driver, Alex Durham, front seat passenger, Bruce Manlove, and a 26-year-old female from Dover, both occupying the back seat, were all taken into custody without incident.  A search of the vehicle yielded a fully loaded 9mm handgun under the driver’s seat.  Troopers also searched the areas in which they observed plastic bags being thrown from the vehicle and located two plastic bags containing marijuana totaling more than 12 grams.

All four subjects were transported back to Troop three near Camden where they were arrested.

Crain was released on $26,400 unsecured bond while Durham was committed to JTVCC on $9,200 secured bond and Manlove was committed to Stevenson House on $9,200 secured bond.  The 26-year-old woman was not charged in this case, although she was found to have six capiases out of Kent County Court of Common Pleas and was committed to Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution in default of bond.