We’ve heard about the dangers of the desk job and how sitting all day can take a toll on our health. Today, our Worksite Solutions team examines some of those dangers and offers options to minimize some of the strain sitting all day can put on your body.

Maintaining proper posture is very important when you’re sitting eight or more hours a day. Here are 12 simple tips to adjust your posture and be more comfortable while seated in your desk chair: 

1. Adjust chair to properly fit you.                                                    

2. Position top of monitor casing 2-3 inches above eye level.

3. Create a no glare screen environment.

4. Sit at arm’s length from the monitor

5. Maintain feet on floor or footrest

6. Use a document holder where needed and lace in line with the computer screen

7. Keep wrists flat and straight

8. Arms and elbows should be relaxed and close to body

9. Center monitor and keyboard in front of you

10. Use a negative tilt keyboard tray

11. Use a stable work surface and stable keyboard tray

12. Rotate job tasks as able throughout the workday

In addition to proper posture, try to take a few mini breaks throughout the day to stretch and move around to get your blood flowing and muscles moving!