HandyTube is in the process of expanding its Camden facility.

HandyTube is in the process of expanding its Camden facility. The company has added 10,000 square feet of office space to the front of its existing building, and the group has rearranged the layout of the facility to make it more efficient. The majority of the office spaces are complete but the second phase of the building process is still underway, company officials said.

"We have needed this for quite some time," said Lindsay Wallace, product owner for Handy Tube. "We couldn't continue to produce at the level we needed to in order to stay competitive."

The company manufactures seamless, stainless steel coil tubing, which is used for chemical process and instrumentation, aerospace and defense, health care and life sciences, chromatography and shipbuilding purposes, though 70 percent of the company's business relates to energy, Wallace said.

"I think we bring a local feel to the oil and gas market," she said. "We provide a lot of local jobs."

The expansion will be good for both HandyTube and the local job market.

"The expansion will increase jobs and overall demand," Wallace said. "Now we can get more orders in and more orders out."

The project was funded through state grand money as well as from their own funds. The company has not publically released the amount of the grant or the amount they supplied.

It is anticipated that the increase in manpower will give the company the ability to continue to meet the needs of current customers as well as reach out to new buyers. HandyTube will also begin to offer express delivery.

"As the demand for our products continues to grow, HandyTube's multi-year, customer-focused investment plan will significantly increase our output," said John Coates, the company's president and CEO, in a press release.

The company will also be adding an additional vacuum furnace, which is used in the production of the pipe, in order to keep up with demand. It is set to be in place in July.

"These capital improvements will help HandyTube position itself to meet the rising demands of a global marketplace, particularly those of the oil and gas sector," Wallace said.

Now that HandyTube has 10,000 extra square feet of office space to fill and an anticipated increase in production they are looking to add to their employee base.

"We are continually interviewing people and hiring the appropriate candidates," Wallace said. "It's difficult to say the exact number of people we will eventually hire."