Sixth graders and their families filled the auditorium at Central Middle School on Wednesday night for transition night.

Sixth graders and their families filled the auditorium at Central Middle School on Wednesday night for transition night. Students and parents got to learn about what their children will learn and the opportunities they will have in seventh and eighth grade.

An informational video informed the audience about Central’s curriculum in the areas of Social Studies, English language arts, math, related arts and science.

“I came tonight because I wanted to see the procedures and how things work,” said Janice Clark, grandmother of a current and an incoming Central student.

Students heard about sports offerings such as football, boys and girls soccer, cross country, field hockey and a newly added boy’s and girl’s lacrosse.

Another new addition to the schools offerings is French. Next year will be the first year that the school will offer the language. Four days a week the students will study through the Middlebury online program and one day a week they will work with a language coach.

“I like the academic privileges, especially Spanish and chorus,” said Maria Myer, an incoming seventh grader.

The program will be in addition to the school’s Spanish program. The program will also offer the opportunity for students to travel to Costa Rica. Students who complete the class with a score of 85% or better and pass their final exam will receive one high school language credit.

“We feel very lucky. Many schools in the state don’t even start offering language until the high school level,” said Sandra Spangler, supervisor of instruction for Capital School District.

The final details are still being worked out but, according to Spangler, French students will earn high school credit by receiving a passing score on their STAMP language proficiency test and a passing score on their French final exam.

The Central chorus sang a few tunes for the crowd, after their director had given Central’s string orchestra, band, and chorus a plug, of course.

 “I’m excited to come to Central because it’s a new school and it seems good,” said Christopher Orengo after touring the various booths at the event. “I’d like to play football or basketball, do Odyssey of the Mind, and take Spanish.”

The new programs and the curriculum have administrators excited, too.

“There has never been a better time to be at Central Middle as far as I’m concerned,” Seventh Grade Assistant Principal David Thomas said. “Everything is moving very nicely along.”