Two rivals on the mat, Smyrna and Caesar Rodney met in a match up of two of the state’s best on Wednesday night in front of a raucous crowd.

Unfortunately for the Riders, they had little to cheer about from the get-go. Smyrna buried the Riders into a deep hole early on in the match up and the Eagles rode their way to a 37-18 victory.

Here are the full results:

106- Monsanto (Smyrna) pinned Schuman (CR) 3:21

113- Fleetwood (Smyrna) pinned Klink (CR) 0:39

120- Edmond (Smyrna) decision over Scott (CR) 3-0

126- Hight (CR) decision over Carney (Smyrna) 3-1
132- Scarfo (CR) decision over Wilson (Smyrna) 3-1
138- Ortiz (CR) decisionover Flowers (Smyrna) 13-10

145- Carbine (Smyrna) decision over Mogle (CR) 6-4
152- Wilt (CR) decision over Daniels (Smyrna) 7-1
160- Wilson (Smyrna) pinned Joanem (CR) 1:54
170- Wuest (Smyrna) decision over Castellon (CR) 3-2
182- Boyles (Smyrna) majority decision over Brosius (CR) 11-3
195- Cox (Smyrna) decision over Logan (CR) 11-9
220- Dailey (Smyrna) decision over  Gibbs (CR) 6-3
285- Parker (CR) pinned Dalton (Smyrna) 0:35

The victory for Smyrna is their sixth in a row increasing their overall record to 7-1. The Eagles are back in action on Saturday night against St. Mark’s at home where the 1993 and 2003 Smyrna State Champions reunion is scheduled.

For the Riders, now 6-3, the loss is a disheartening one for sure. They’ll look to bounce back next Monday when they travel down state to take on Sussex Central.