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  • Face Down to grace the stage at Tom Foolery's

  • When Face Down makes their debut at Tom Foolery's Restaurant & Bar this Saturday, the quintet will serve up a hearty platter of tunes that some cover bands typically don't dish out.
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  • When Face Down makes their debut at Tom Foolery's Restaurant & Bar this Saturday, the quintet will serve up a hearty platter of tunes that some cover bands typically don't dish out.
    With approximately 60 songs in their repertoire, Face Down branches out beyond classic rock, covering bands like Cake, Bush, Alice in Chains, Audioslave, .38 Special and Jet. The outfit also prides itself on learning new songs immediately after they hit the radio.
    Face Down drummer Damien Janocha — a 39-year-old resident of Magnolia whose big brothers Mark and Luke live in Middletown — shed light on some additional bands the New Castle-based outfit will cover, his experience playing in the group with his other big brothers Paul (bass) and Mike (guitar), and more.
    Q How does Face Down compare to other cover bands?
    A I think it's our selection of music. We're not really content with just being another cover band you see. I'm not trying to knock any other bands, but you'll go out and see them and hear some of the same songs that [other cover bands] are doing. We try to be a little bit more on the cutting edge. We cover some classic rock, but we try to stick to a lot of modern tunes, such as music by the Shinedown and Slash & Myles Kennedy. We also play new stuff that's just coming out like 3 Doors Down's new song "One Light." Every bar band is playing "Mustang Sally" and that's not our forte. We want to create an environment where it's like a rock show, and that's kind of the reaction we're getting.
    Q Since the band likes to learn new songs quickly, how challenging is it for you guys to accomplish this?
    A It can be difficult because we all have full-time jobs. We all do the regular nine-to-five. My schedule's not nine-to-five, but we all have jobs and families. It takes some dedication. You have to set aside time for the music to learn things. I'm really fortunate to be playing with these guys for the simple fact that they're all dedicated. We're really productive. Another thing that's real nice is there are no egos in the band. None of us are rock stars, and we do this for fun. And that's what keeps it so much fun, the fact that we're not trying to survive off of this.
    Page 2 of 2 - Q What's the name "Face Down" imply?
    A We were hanging out at a Buffalo Wild Wings and we were trying to come up with a name [laughs]. We had about three different names, and it was kind of comical because we had talked to the waitress that came to our table. We asked her: "Just judging by the three band names you see here, which one would you come to see?" She actually liked the name "Face Down." And we were kind of partial to it and joked about it for a while. It really doesn't have a meaning. Some people think there is, and it's kind of comical what their take might be on it.
    Q Considering you have seven older brothers, was it inevitable that you'd end up playing in a band with at least one of them?
    A You know what's great? Me and Mike, since high school, have always played together — on and off. We were both in different bands growing up, but we still played together. There's just a chemistry when me, Mike and Paul get together, because we're very close in age, and we played together growing up. It's almost like it feels natural when you're together playing with them. Mike's like my best friend, so we have a lot in common. The music thing is just a plus.
    WHAT Face Down in concert
    WHEN 10-1 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 2
    WHERE Tom Foolery's Restaurant & Bar, 714 Ash Blvd., Middletown
    COST No cover charge
    INFO tomfoolerys.info or 449-2211
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