Capital School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Thomas give's his New Year's resolution for 2013.

Capital School District welcomes 2013 with much excitement and anticipation. We resolve for Capital's students to have educational opportunities and experiences which enrich their lives and prepare them to become tomorrow's leaders in their chosen field. Children are the heart and soul of Capital School District. Accordingly, it is our resolve to plan a path for the success of all students and, in doing so, build upon the community pride which is deeply engrained in being a Dover Senator.

We resolve to do all within our power to maintain the construction schedule which will enable the new Dover High School to open in the fall of 2014. We hope this resolve will influence friendly weather patterns to enable construction to continue throughout the winter months. As we all know, frigid temperatures and what they bring, can inhibit the progress of construction. Therefore, we hope the weather masters look upon us favorably this winter.

We further resolve to make our community a kind community - one in which neighbors help neighbors and we all befriend children to teach them kindness and commit acts of good deeds. We all know that children who experience such in their youth are more likely to share such as an adult. For our children to be true leaders for the next generation, they must be prepared academically and skilled in the social graces to make their world a wonderful place in which to live and work.

Therefore, my New Year's resolution for Capital School District is to do our part in educating students to their full potential and, in doing so, create a community of students which commit to educational and social excellence.