Dover Police Department Chief James Hosfelt gives his New Year's resolution for 2013.

On behalf of my coworkers at the Dover Police Department, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year for 2013. Going forward I am excited about continuing the many partnerships we have developed over the past few years, not only with other federal and state law enforcement agencies, but with our community partners as well.

For the first time in a very long time the Dover Police Department will have a full complement of police officers, totaling 93, heading into the New Year.

This past year, 2012, saw Dover Police Officers responding to another year with record numbers of complaints. In spite of the increased workload and the fact that we worked with fewer officers, we continued to solve crime at some extraordinary rates.

As Chief of Police, I am very proud of what these men and women were able to accomplish this year. They are an incredible group of people and I consider myself fortunate to work with them on a daily basis.

Moving forward however, the challenge becomes preventing and reducing crime, not just solving it. My New Year's Resolution for 2013 will be moving the department in a direction aimed at crime reduction and prevention through the use of crime analysis. Through crime analysis, which is identifying and analyzing crime patterns and trends in the community, we can deploy our resources in a more effective manner which will allow us to better serve the residents of Dover.

Again, Happy New Year and may God bless all of us in 2013.