City Manager Scott Koenig gives his New Year's resolution for 2013.

In 2013, I want to focus on building the Capital City and the surrounding areas using enthusiasm, talent and a renewed dedication to quality.

Our city has many outstanding assets and features, both public and private. We have a population and a workforce with many unique gifts. In order for us to thrive in our constrained economic environment, we must innovate, seek out unorthodox partnerships and challenge ourselves to be the best local government in the region.

As the City Manager, it is my job to mold the ideas of the City Council and Mayor into policy that can be effectively placed into action by our workforce. We are all hopeful that our efforts and actions will result in a stronger community.

Our goal is simple in the end: Expand opportunity for everyone willing to contribute in a positive way. We need our residents, customers, business owners and visitors to join us in this effort as we "grow" our city each and every day.