A man who had just robbed M&T Bank in Dover was arrested at gunpoint by Dover Police Wednesday morning.

Dover Police arrested a man who had just robbed the M&T Bank off the 1000 block of Walker Road Wednesday morning.

The Dover Police Department responded to a bank robbery at M&T Bank at 1001 Walker Road, Capt. Tim Stump said. The suspect entered the bank acting as if he had a handgun and handed the teller a note demanding money.

He fled after obtaining cash, Stump said. The description of a black male suspect wearing a camo jacket was put out to the responding officers.

A Dover PD patrol officer was checking the wood line in the area of the Square Club on College Rd. when he confronted the defendant, Michael J. Taylor, Stump said.

The officer then took Taylor into custody at gunpoint. he said. The subsequent investigation led to the recovery of $4,000 in cash

"The officer did a fantastic job," he said. "There was no struggle and the defendant complied with the officer's commands and was apprehended without incident. The gun was drawn due to the fact that he was a suspect in a bank robbery and believed to have a weapon himself."

"Officers draw their guns on a regular basis – far more than people realize," he added. "It can be a very dangerous job at times and apprehending robbery suspects are near the top of the list. I commend the officer's actions today. He made a great apprehension and no one was hurt. That is always a best case scenario."

The subsequent investigation led to the recovery of $4,000 in cash.

Taylor, 33, of 1700 N. DuPont Highway, was scheduled to be arraigned at Delaware Justice of the Peace No. 7 Wednesday afternoon.

No one was injured during the robbery.

Regarding the quick arrest, Stump said it was not uncommon for police officers to make apprehensions immediately following robberies. However, arrests were usually made after at a later time.

"Bank robberies always seem to be higher profile and get far more attention than others. So, these apprehensions tend to stand out."

Staff reporter Antonio Prado contributed to this report.