State Rep. Bobby Outten (R-Harrington) trounced Libertarian Gordon Smith in the 30th District with 92 percent of the vote.

State Rep. Bobby Outten (R-Harrington) captured 91.9 percent of the vote to easily win re-election to the state House of Representatives District 30 seat.

Outten received 5,699 while Libertarian opponent Gordon Smith received just 506 votes, according to unofficial results posted by the Delaware Department of Elections for Kent County.

Smith ran on a platform to overturn the status quo in Machiavellian fashion. He said he wanted to jolt the populace from its complacency with the status quo.

Outten, for his part, said reducing unemployment and fostering economic development were the top priorities for him in his return to the state Legislature, which reconvenes in January. Quality jobs were the foundation on which everything else was built, and while Delaware's unemployment rate was below the national average, it was still too high in his eyes.

He pledged to work to ease regulations on local businesses so that they could in turn grow more local jobs.