Republican Jeff Spiegelman will be the representative for the recently moved District 11 as he won a tight race in Tuesday's election with a slim 50.3 percent victory over Democrat Lynne Newlin.

Separated by just 210 votes, Spiegelman garnered 4,337 votes while Newlin received 4,127 votes, or 47.9 percent. Libertarian Margaret McKeown garnered 154 votes.

District 11 was recently moved down from the Wilmington area to the western portion of Kent County due to redistricting.

In his victory speech Tuesday night at Republican campaign headquarters at Dover Downs Hotel, Spiegelman thanked his wife, mother, and father for all of their support, and thanked everyone who worked on his campaign for all of their hard work.

"This is about the will of the people, about how to make our state prosperous again and putting Legislative Hall back on side of people it belongs to — the voters," he said.

After his speech, Spiegelman said his reaction to the election results was a sense of accomplishment and a sense of responsibility.

"The big emotion is, 'OK, we did what we needed to do. We made it.' Now let's get started on the work for the people that needs to be done," he said.

During his campaign he said creating jobs was overwhelmingly the most important issue to citizens.

"When I talked to people it was about jobs, followed by returning to prosperity, jobs, protecting our communities, jobs, jobs, and a little dash of education," Spiegelman said. "We've got to get people back to work."

Newlin was the Democratic candidate after beating out then opponent Dave Brown 582 to 294 in the September Democratic primary.

After the loss in the Tuesday's election, Newlin didn't say much but said Spiegelman ran a good race.

"I hope he takes good care of the district," Newlin said.

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