This Saturday night the Dover Senators (4-4) were to match up against one of the top teams from New Jersey, St. Peter's Prep (7-1). However, due to damage from Hurricane Sandy the game has been canceled.

Located in Jersey City, New Jersey St. Peter's Prep was in an area hit particularly hard by the storm.

"I was informed that there is no power in Jersey City, and that there is 2 feet of water in their school," said Dover Athletic Director Jeff Savage. "Yesterday I was informed by the Director of Athletics that they would not be able to make the trip down to play."

The impact from Sandy was also felt in the Dover area as schools canceled sessions earlier in the week, causing the Senators to miss some days of practice. Also, the lost time put Dover in a time crunch to find another opponent.

Dover made an effort to find another opponent for this weekend but were not able to secure one on such short notice and with so few options.

"We attempted to schedule a replacement game with a small Division II school from northern Delaware that was in a similar circumstance and were unable to do so," said Savage. "At this time we are exploring all of our available options."

It's doubtful that Dover will be able to find an opponent for this weekend, and how the cancellation of their game against St. Peter's Prep is categorized will have a huge impact on how their season shakes out.

If the game is ultimately ruled a forfeit, the Senators will be credited with a win. However, if the game is simply canceled the Senators will likely finish the season having only played 9 games.

Either way, the Senators will either receive points for a victory, or their season playoff point totals will be divided among 9 games giving them much better odds of making the post season.