Nicole Jones' two sons shocked her Sunday night when they asked how they could help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Nicholas, 9, and Nathan, 7, are looking to collect clothing, food, and toys for those in need because of the storm. For more information, e-mail Nicole at

Nicole Jones' two sons surprised her Oct. 28 as Superstorm Sandy swept through the state.

The family of four hunkered down in their Middletown Crossing home, watching the rain and wind outside, and occasionally checking in with the news.

Jones and her husband, Oliver, tried to steer the two young boys away from the devastation shown on the television, but Nicholas, 9, and Nathan, 7, were curios.

"They asked about it, and we were casually talking about it," she said. "Then they asked, 'mom, would could we do?'"

This shocked Nicole – that her two Silver Lake Elementary School students would think of others before themselves.

Her sons are not selfish, she said, but just the fact that the 7- and 9- year olds would think of others before themselves, really made the Jones' proud.

"[Nicholas] said, we only need to call two people," Nicole Jones said, "the owner of Lowe's and the owner of Wal-Mart. Lowe's can help rebuild, and Wal-Mart can supply everything else they need."

Nathan then suggested collecting stuff and seeing who could help and then ship it out to whoever needs it, she said.

Nicole Jones put her sons' message of charity on Facbeook, and from there, she said the support just started flowing in.

"I didn't know what I was expecting," she said.

On Saturday, M.O.T. Soccer will set up the shed at its field to help the boys collect donations.

It's the teams' last outdoor game of the season and Jones said that the shed at the field will probably be open all day accepting clothes, toys, and food to be given to those hit hardest by Sandy.

So far, Nicole Jones said that the boys have collected kids' clothing, boys and girls, toys, and men's clothes.

She plans on going through her closet and her sons' old toys to add to the donations and that they expect to collect canned food and other nonperishable food through M.O.T. Soccer Saturday.

"It started as a casual conversation Sunday night with them inquiring on the storm," she said. "My husband and I are touched by their generosity. They shocked me and they're my own children."

The boys asked their mother if she could take on any other responsibilities to help them, and she agreed, since it's for the kids and for a good cause.

"To me it shows them that they can make a difference no matter what age they are," Nicole Jones said. "I might be tired at the end of this, but I'll do what I got to do for the boys. They're very excited."

She said that the family is waiting to hear from the Red Cross on whether they should drop off the donations or if they will pick them up.

Nicholas and Nathan Jones are continuing to collect donations, including clothing, toys, and food.

Their mother said that since they're not an organization, and just regular people, they are trying to stay away from taking monetary donations.

"We figured if they donate something, we can get it to somewhere," she said.

Anyone interested in contributing donations to Nicholas and Nathan's' efforts can e-mail Nicole Jones at