Amore Bridal owner Terry Barnes has been busy since her move to downtown Dover.

Amore Bridal owner Terry Barnes has seen people come into her shop left and right since she moved to heart of the downtown business district on West Loockerman Street.

She officially opened up her new shop on Sept. 5 and held a grand opening on Sept. 7 with officials from the Downtown Dover Partnership.

Barnes said she was doing fairly well in her former shop off U.S. Route 13 south of Camden.

But Barnes felt she could do better.

"There just wasn't enough traffic," Barnes said. "The bridal shop did well in its first year in a half. But I knew it could do better. It needed more visibility and foot traffic.

"Here, traffic rides down Loockerman Street all day long," she said. "Where I was, I was lucky if I saw 10 cars drive by in a day."

Barnes decided to move to West Loockerman Street because she was thoroughly impressed with the ongoing downtown revitalization that included ongoing construction of Loockerman Way Plaza across from her new location to improve parking and add brick walkways.

"And the merchants were all positive with what was going on with their businesses," Barnes said. "I was excited. It's centrally located. And I think with the new library opening up, things are just going to get better.

"I see people downtown all the time. I think they're doing an excellent job down here in trying to bring businesses in and bring people back downtown. And the Dover Police Department definitely has a presence down here as far as patrolling the area and keeping things [orderly]. "

Amore Bridal has been busy as brides prepare for their weddings and the local high schools get into homecoming season, among other things, Barnes said.

One the customers that came in on Wednesday afternoon was bride-to-be Courtney Stewart, who scheduled a New Year's Eve wedding with her fiancé.

"One of my co-workers told me, 'You need to check out the new place,' " Stewart said.

"See? There you go," Barnes said. "It's happening already."