Andria Bennett defeated retired Dover City Councilman Bill McGlumphy soundly in the Democratic primary for the 32nd District of the state House of Representatives, and retired judge Ellis Parrott easily defeated Will McVay in the Republican primary for the same seat Tuesday. Bennett and Parrott will face each other in the Nov. 6 General Election.

Andria L. Bennett won the Democratic primary for the 32nd District of the state House of Representatives with 60.6 percent of the vote while Ellis B. Parrott won the Republican primary for the same seat with 73.6 percent of the vote in the Republican primary.

Bennett defeated Democratic foe William McGlumphy in convincing fashion, 442 to 287 with all eight precincts reporting, according to unofficial results posted by the Delaware Department of Elections for Kent County.

Parrott soundly defeated McVay, a Libertarian-turned-Republican, 295 to 106 with all eight districts reporting, according to the Department of Elections.

Bennett is a legislative aide in the state Legislature. Her husband, State Rep. Brad Bennett (D-Dover), decided not to run for this seat so that he could focus on his battle with alcoholism.

"I would first like to thank everyone who took the time to vote on Tuesday, September 11th," Bennett said. "My job is to get my message out to all voters, lay out what I stand for and hopefully the voters will send me to represent them this November."

McGlumphy is a retired Dover city councilman and a retired Capital School District educator, including a term as principal of Dover High School.

McGlumphy was recruited to run for this seat by the Delaware Democratic Party for Kent County, Kent County Democratic Chair Abby Betts said. But the party endorsed Bennett immediately after her victory.

"Naturally, I'm disappointed in the results," McGlumphy said. "I'll be anxiously waiting for the Andria Bennett vs. Brad Bennett primary in the future. Never say never, maybe I'll jump into that one," he said, referring to speculation that Brad Bennett would attempt to regain his seat in two years.

Parrott retired as a judge with the Delaware Justice of the Peace after 25 years in service. Prior to that, he served as a Dover police officer for six years.

Parrott said he would now focus his attention on trying to add to his conservative Republican base by attracting Independents and Blue Dog Democrats in the 32nd District in order to achieve a victory over the formidable Andria Bennett.

"I hope I can convince Democrats as well as Independents that I can represent them best," he said.

McVay is a software engineer. He has been active member of the Libertarian Party of Delaware but registered as a Republican prior to this race. During the primary campaign, he resigned as vice chairman of the Libertarian Party of Delaware.

But he believed his strong Libertarian ties hurt him in the end.

"I'm not a Republican and made no secret of it," he said. "I'm sure my Libertarian views reduced my vote count in a Republican primary, but I think more importantly is that I focused too much energy trying to get my opponent to participate in a debate and not enough recognizing that he had no intention of doing so and spending that time hitting more doors."

Bennett and Parrott will face off in the Nov. 6 General Election.