Senate Bill 211 is another veiled animal rights attempt

Not that I hold many in the Delaware Legislature with very high regard, but there are a few harebrains who live north of the C&D canal that never saw an anti-hunting, anti-gun, animal rights idea that they didn't like and who couldn't wait to add it to their resume of "bills authored and introduced."

Meet Senator Patricia M. Blevins (Democrat - Elsmere).  It would seem that with all the financial turmoil within this state and the myriad of germane issues that need to be addressed, this lady could find how to represent the people of this state instead of playing the bleeding heart to the activist crowds she panders to.  Her latest is the typical bill she seems to adore but this one can affect not only the hunting community, but every Delawarean owning a dog.

Senate Bill 211 seeks to make it a Class A misdemeanor in Delaware if you tether your dog longer than 18 hours in a 24 hour period, tether a dog under the age of 4 months for any time, and ban tethering female dogs if their offspring are present.

Read that carefully before you start saying I'm picking on this senator.

OK, the first part doesn't SEEM that unreasonable, but remember, there's no wiggle room.  If you camp out at the beach and take your Lab with you, it wouldn't take much for you to be convicted.  Next is the "puppy provision". Since most hunting dogs are trained well before their first birthday and tethers are the accepted and very humane way of training them, you're in trouble.  And if you're a yuppie with a Manchester terrier "pup" out for a walk after work in a Wilmington suburb, you're about to be in big trouble.

The last one is almost too ridiculous to comment on. It seems the senator is afraid of destroying a puppy's psyche after having seen its mother tethered. You can carry that idiocy as far as you'd like.

If you think Senator Blevins should find a productive job away from making laws that insult common sense, perhaps you'll join me in contacting my legislator and telling them about it. Here's a quick link to do just that. Feel free to copy and paste this blog if you'd like to save time.