A recent safari taken by Donald Trump's sons drew massive media coverage

In my world, whale dung floats a few feet about the rabid antihunting nuts out there.  The only thing worse than them is a headline grabbing media bent on making an issue where none exists.

A few weeks back, even the national news reported that Donald Trump's two sons had gone on a trip to Africa and "murdered" dozens of "defenseless and endangered species in a bloodsport ritual". There were overt suggestions that these poor little rich kids had "poached" many of the animals they'd taken and had the audacity to have photos made of themselves with the slaughtered carcasses.

Any hunter with half a brain knows that the safari trade in Africa is a "pay as you go affair". Though there are legions of wild animals still roaming the plains, many of today's safaris rely on "concessions" where hundreds of thousands of acres are behind high fences and the animals taken are meticulously controlled. Many of the animals taken in some concessions aren't even native to that area of Africa.

Next is the African economy.  The average native African is dirt poor and hunting concessions provide food and money that would not be available any other way.  Zealous despotic regimes hoard the country's wealth, while the average African lives off less than we'd spend at McDonalds. Hunters are expected to "donate" all the meat - and virtually ALL of every animal is used or consumed by locals. Suddenly, the wildlife has value and the locals realize that it is to their advantage to keep these animals around for the hunters who make their lives a bit easier.

Well, the headlines don't reflect "the rest of the story". Both Donald Jr. and Eric Trump are life members of the NRA and Safari Club. When the lies about their "illegal activity" came up, they solicited help. When the dust settled, a letter from V. Chadenga, Director-General of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority states unequivocably that the charges were "baseless"  He goes on to state, "First and foremost, there is no 'Official Investigation' into the Trumps activities here as from day one of the requisite documentation was properly handled and the appropriate licenses were obtained which resulted in the issuance of export paperwork.The only investigation which should occur is that of the 'anti-hunting' organizations who are peddling untruths falsely presented as facts."

Don't expect to find that in any of the newspapers who printed the initial story or the networks who parroted it.